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After a casting session, two filmmakers found the perfect 14-year-old girl to star in their new movie. Now, they have to convince the reluctant mother to let her daughter play the role of a sexually abused child. What follows is a witty argumentation on proper parenting and on the abuses and sacrifices made in the name of great works of art.

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After finishing film directing in Bucharest, Adrian Sitaru made the short film “Waves” which brought him in 2007 the Golden Leopard of Tomorrow in Locarno Film Festival. His debut feature film, “Hooked”, premiered at Venice Days in 2008 and established Sitaru as a new voice in Romanian post-communist cinema. Since then, his films gathered recognition from festivals such as Berlinale, Sundance, Palm Springs, Chicago, Thessaloniki and Sarajevo.

  • 71st Venise International Film Festival Orizzonti, Venise, Italy
  • 56th Zinebi International Film Festival International Competition, Bilba, Spain
  • Prix Format Court
    29th Festival International du Film Francophone Competition internationale, Namur, Belgium
  • Louis Le Prince award for Best International Short
    28th Leeds International Film Festival International Competition, Leeds, UK
  • Best Screenplay
    20th Ozu Film Festival 2014 Ozu, Italy
  • Best Short Film
    Sleepwalkers Short Film Festival 2014 International Competition, Tallin, Estonia
  • Best Screenplay
    8th Lviv International Short Film Festival 2015 International Competition, Lviv, Ukraine
  • Blue Angel Award for Best Short Film
    23rd Art Film Festival International Competition, Kosice, Slovakia
  • 21st Corto Imola Festival Imola, Italy
  • 16th Jeonju International Film Festival International Competition, Jeonju, South Korea
  • Glasgow Short Film Festival 2015 Glasgow, Scotland
  • Vilnius International Film Festival 2015
  • FEC European Short Film Festival 2015
  • REGARD-International Short Film Festival Quebec, 2015
  • San Francisco International Film Festival 2015
  • Kyiv International Short Film Festival 2015
  • South East European Film Festival, Los Angeles 2015
  • Transilvania International Film Festival 2015
  • Tabor Film Festival 2015
  • Next International Film Festival 2015
  • Arkadia Short Fest 2015
  • Best short film
    Vukovar Film Festival 2015
  • Bašta Fest Film Festival 2015
  • Helsinky International Film Festival 2015
  • Guanajuato International Film Festival Mexico, 2015
  • Special Mention
    Kraljevski Filmski Festival 2015
  • Open-Air Filmfest Weiterstadt 2015
  • Sao Paolo Short Film Festival 2015
  • Schnit International Shortfilmfestival 2015
  • FICBUEU International Short Film Festival 2015
  • Balkan Film Food Festival 2015
  • Naoussa International Film Festival 2015
    Uppsala International Short Film Festival 2015
  • Short Riga, 2015 – Competition 2015
  • 60th CORK Film Festival 2015
  • Aguilar de Campoo 2015 International Competition
  • Minimalen Short Film Festival 2016
  • Ozark Shorts 2016
  • Director
    Adrian Sitaru
  • Scriptwriter
    Adrian Sitaru
  • Producer
    Anamaria Antoci
  • Cinematographer
    Adrian Silișteanu RSC
  • Editor
    Andrei Gorgan
  • Sound Designer
    Florin Tăbăcaru
  • Running time
  • Shooting format
  • Screening format
    DCP, mov, mp4 (HD)
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Sound