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Radu is a trainee at a prestigious French news network. Serving as a translator and general problem solver, or “fixer”, for the headlining journalists during his trial period, he’s looking to make his big break. He sees his opportunity when two underage Romanian prostitutes are repatriated from France, creating an international scandal. Taking advantage of his language skills and local connections, Radu is prepared to do whatever it takes to reach the goal. However, the task turns out to be trickier than expected and he gets closer to some moral limits.

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Director image

After studying film directing in Bucharest, Adrian Sitaru directs the short film “Waves” which brought him the Golden Leopard of Tomorrow in Locarno Film Festival. His debut feature film, “Hooked”, premiered at Venice Days in 2008 and established Sitaru as a new voice in Romanian post-communist cinema. Since then, his films gathered recognition from festivals such as Berlinale, Sundance, Palm Springs, Chicago, Thessaloniki and Sarajevo.

  • 41st Toronto International Film Festival Canada (Contemporary World Cinema, Toronto, Canada)
  • 29th Tokyo International Film Festival (International Competition, Tokyo, Japan)
  • 27th Stockholm International Film Festival (International Competition, Stockholm, Sweden)
  • 34th Torino Film Festival (Festa Mobile, Torino, Italy)
  • 20th Chicago European Union Film Festival (Chicago, USA)
  • Best Actor
    8th Les Arcs Film Festival France (Competition, Les Arcs 1950, France)
  • 36th Istanbul International Film Festival (International Competition, Istanbul, Turkey)
  • 41st Cleveland International Film Festival (Competition, Cleveland, USA)
  • St. Barbara International Film Festival 2017 (Competition, Santa Barbara, USA)
  • 41st Hong Kong International Film Festival (Hong Kong)
  • 22nd Vilnius International Film Festival Kino Pavasaris (Vilnius, Lithuania)
  • 12th South East European Film Festival (Los Angeles, USA)
  • 16th Filmfestival goEast (Competition, Wiesbaden, Germany)
  • 17th Jeonju International Film Festival (International Competition, Jeonju, South Korea)
  • Festival Internacional de Cine de Murcia 2017 (Ciudad de Murcia, Spain)
  • 36th Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival (Minneapolis, USA)
  • 15th Crossing Europe Film Festival (European, Panorama, Linz, Austria)
  • Espoo Ciné International Film Festival 2017 (Finland)
  • Institutul Cultural Roman - Austria
  • 18th BAFICI (Buneos Aires, Argentina)
  • National Galery of Art - USA
  • FILMIN - Spain
  • 41st Seatle International Film Festival (Competition, Seatle, USA)
  • Movies that Matter Film Festival 2017 (Hague, Netherlands)
  • Best Film
    Oslo Pix 2017 (Competition, Oslo, Norway)
  • 10th Five Lakes Film Festival (Germany)
  • Director
    Adrian Sitaru
  • Scriptwriter
    Claudia Silișteanu, Adrian Silișteanu
  • Producer
    Adrian Silișteanu RSC
  • Editor
    Mircea Olteanu
  • Production Designer
    Gina Călin
  • Costume Designer
    Adina Bucur
  • Sound Designer
    Ioan Filip, Dan-Ștefan Rucăreanu
  • Running time
  • Shooting format
  • Screening format
    DCP, bluray, mov, mp4 (HD)
  • Aspect ratio
  • Sound