Heads and tails

After an incident in a bar, Laurentiu gets a serious head injury, but refuses to get treatment,

In Between

A woman in a complicated love affair with a married man encounters a 12 year old by selling used books on a late December night…


„The film is an eye-opening combination of investigative journalism and international espionage. This environmental docu-thriller sees some bold activists put themselves on the line while saving the planet from greedy corporations and inspiring change.” Pat Mullen (Point Of View Magazine)


The Fikirtepe district of Istanbul. Urban transformation is sweeping away the poor communities and Syrian refugees take shelter in deserted buildings. Kamil and his wife Remziye risk losing their home.

Year of the Dragon

Han Wenlong is an illegal emigrant, whose dream to work on a building site in Eastern Europe, came to an end …


Following a TV News which announce the landing of aliens in Romania

A decent man

Petru, a drilling engineer in his late-thirties, is about to get married to his pregnant girlfriend


The Cage

Mihaes’s little boy brings home a sick dove…


A Sunday picnic seemed like the best way for Mihai and Sweetie